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Massachusetts personal injury attorney, Steven M. Ballin

Steven M. Ballin

Attorney Ballin founded the Ballin Law firm in 1981, He has been the driving force behind the firm's continued growth and success over the last quarter-century. Steven M. Ballin has been a passionate advocate for the victims of personal injury and has enjoyed a remarkably high rate of success in the field.

Massachusetts police injury law attorney, Richard Miller, Esq.

Richard L. Miller

Attorney Richard Miller is a principal at Ballin & Associates. His career with the firm began while he was still attending law school and worked at Ballin & Associates as a law clerk. He joined the firm as an attorney in 1992. Attorney Miller represents clients in all types of personal injury claims and litigates cases in both District and Superior Courts.

Zachary Ballin, Esq.

Zachary M. Ballin

Attorney Zachary Ballin quickly assimilated into the firm after joining in 2011. His natural ability to strategize his experience litigating in the High School and College Mock Trial Competitions, his degree in Philosophy, and a law degree from the New England School of Law have laid a strong foundation for his continuous success in the field of personal injury law.

Paul R. Johnson, Esq.

Paul R. Johnson

Paul Johnson brings over 30 years of wide-ranging legal experience to the Ballin & Associates. Highly experienced in personal injury cases, insurance and construction disputes, and all types of complex civil litigation, Attorney Johnson commands an impressive success record. He is also licensed to practice in New Hampshire.

Jared N. Ballin

Jared Ballin hit the ground running hard when he joined Ballin & Associates full time in 2013. He second-chaired a four-week trial that resulted in a jury verdict worth $1.96 million for a police officer who was shot while on duty. While handling a significant personal injury caseload, Attorney Ballin also serves as the Editor for the firm's newsletter, which features case-study articles from cases handled by Ballin & Associates and reaches thousands of subscribers.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorney

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Ballin & Associates is a law firm in Massachusetts specializing in personal injury. Skilled and experienced lawyers with decades of experience carry an impressive track record successfully representing clients who have been injured in an accident. Relying on their wealth of personal injury experience and expert knowledge of the system, attorneys at Ballin & Associates have an advantage over other lawyers which allows them to continuously provide justice for their clients’ harms and losses.

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