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Paul Arret drives north, approaching an intersection in a residential neighborhood with his grandson in the front passenger seat. A police cruiser drives west approaching the same intersection.  Mr. Arret has a stop sign. The police officer does not. Mr. Arret does not stop. The two vehicles collide in the middle of the intersection.

Francis Vision was standing close by and saw the whole thing. Mr. Vision tells the responding police that Mr. Arret’s vehicle ran the stop sign. The police then talk to Mr. Arret’s grandson who says that his grandfather blew the stop sign. Mr. Arret joins in as well, admitting that he was not paying attention.

As a result of the crash, the officer driving the cruiser tore his left rotator cuff tear and ruptured his biceps tendon. He needed arthroscopic surgery and had extensive physical therapy. About nine months after the crash the officer was able to return to work full duty. About a year after his return, we secured a $225,000 settlement for the officer.

Jared Ballin, Esq.

To protect the privacy of the officer and witnesses, all names have been changed.  Any resemblance to names of real persons, past or present, is merely coincidental and not intended.

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