“Full” Coverage FAQ


How an officer’s personal auto insurance saved the day after being injured by the driver of an uninsured motorist who fled during a traffic stop.

A simple fact: many officers are still unaware that their personal auto insurance provides coverage for on-the-job injuries caused by cars in a wide array of ways, such as pursuits, crashes during emergency responses, pedestrian strikes on a road detail, and during traffic stops, as you will see here.  This coverage was especially important to […]

“Reserves”: Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Them


Someone rear-ends you.  Now what?  You spend the next couple of months getting your neck and back taken care of by a couple different physicians.  Along the way you do not consider making a claim against The Other Guy’s Insurance Company, Inc. or calling a lawyer.  After all, you ‘don’t want to hurt the other […]



FAQ: Should I increase the limits on all cars which I own? Yes, we recommend you do and here is why.  Assume you own and insure two cars in your name. One car is insured with increased optional limits for Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverages of $250,000 per person.  Your other car is only insured […]



Does this picture look familiar? It should – it is a copy of a car insurance coverage selections page, and a good one to boot. We have highlighted three important Parts, which are often overlooked and, in our experience, not understood: Parts 3, 12, and 6. Find your personal car selections page and compare it […]